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Admission Policies 


Online registration for admission for the new academic year commences in early November of each year.Parents seeking admission for their wards must register online.

Admission procedures laid down by the Ministry of Education are strictly adhered.


For admission to Grade 1 the child must be 6 years old by 31.07.2016.


1. A copy of the online enquiry form.

2. Two copies of the student’s passport with valid residence visa for the U.A.E.

3.  Original Emirates ID of the student is mandatory for the admission procedure.

4.  Three recent photographs of the child (size 6x4 cms).

5. One photocopy of the Birth Certificate in English.(Please attach the original for  verification)

6.  Attested photocopy of the original mark sheet of the last examination passed at the

     previous school must be attested by Indian Consulate and Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and

     for the students, who are coming from northern emirates by the Ministry of Education.   

7. The original Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended,

     duly attested as per the guidelines given below:   

     a) For students coming from India the following order of attestation must be observed for 

          the Transfer Certificate

  • Verification by the Education Officer of the Zone/District/Area, from where the TC has been obtained or from CBSE / State Board  / ICSE.
  • The seal and signature of the Education Officer / Board has to be attested by the Indian Consulate in Dubai.
  • Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sharjah-U.A.E.

     b) For students coming from the Gulf Countries the Transfer Certificate should be attested

          by the Ministry of Education of that country.

     c) For students coming from Oman,TC should be attested by Indian Embassy of Oman,

          UAE Embassy of Oman and Foreign Affairs UAE.

     d) For students coming from U.A.E(except DXB,ADH) have to get the SIS No from the

          previous school.

     e) For students coming from U.A.E. are required to submit the original Transfer Certificate/ 

          School Leaving Certificate of the school last attended, duly attested by the Ministry of


8. Admission to Grade 11 is based on the marks secured in the Common Rehearsal Exam.

    Only students scoring 70% overall and 80% in Mathematics and Science will be

    considered for the Science Stream. All those who pass the All India Secondary School

    Examination of Grade 10 do not automatically qualify for admission to Grade 11.

9. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any student whose character or

     academic performance is not satisfactory.


Request for withdrawal can be made online.

Parents are advised to give at least a month’s notice to the school while applying for a Transfer Certificate or a School Leaving Certificate. Applications are processed only after the students stop attending school and after paying the required fee for Ministry attestations.
Parents are requested to collect the Medical Record of their ward from the Medical Room after collecting the Transfer / School Leaving Certificate.

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