Multi Modality In Story Telling

16 Dec 2020

Story and the art of storytelling, has been around for millennia. Everything and everyone has a story to tell. Story telling is often used as a medium to ingrain values, improving reading skills and opening the minds of students to a world beyond imagination. Teachers of English department were a part of the session on Multi-Modality in story telling by Mr. Shyam Nair. The session was indeed valuable and distinct. It was a different and unique approach on how students can be encouraged to use multiple modes in telling stories. The use of song, stop motion film, origami photography etc. can make the story telling interesting and creative. It is always through the smallest details that the creative stories could be told. Incorporating this multiple modal approach would infuse passion and introduce students to a new horizon of story telling which will never be boring and outdated.

The session provided us with different strategies for honing the storytelling skills and applying them to our classroom sessions so that we can ensure better engagement, compliance and performance amongst our students.


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