22 May 2021

Parlance is an art in which a few are good at. We at OOB, ensure that every student gets enough exposure to express with confidence and impress with style.

On that note, students across the department were informed about the inter school Elocution competition hosted by the Crescent English School, Dubai. Two levels of screening were done in the department level and the best seven speakers were further shortlisted to three to represent the three different categories – Sub Junior, Junior and Senior level. The topics given for all the three categories were about pandemic and its impact and the duration was for three minutes.

Kayden from Primary department represented the Sub Junior category, Samford Sebin from Senior Middle represented the Junior category and Shiva Srinivasan from Secondary represented the Senior level. The final event was held via google meet on the 22nd of May. The opening and closing ceremony were attended by the teachers in charge. There were around 30 plus schools that took part in the event. Out of the three boys that represented our school, Samford Sebin brought laurels to our school by clinching the Winner’s title for the Junior category.

The journey to lead our students to the path of success continues….


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