Cogito Ergo Sum

14 Oct 2021

A scintillating exchange of varied perspectives was witnessed on 14 October ,2021 in the Sheikh Zayed Multipurpose Hall between 11: 45 am to 1: 30 pm as fifteen teacher participants espoused and articulated their thoughts for and against the motion ‘Teacher Autonomy- A utopian ideology’ with conviction and kept the audience spellbound with their persuasive skills. The judges for the occasion were Ms. Zita Devadasan , a veteran educator with an experience of thirty years and more behind her and Ms. Clarissa Martins ,our former librarian. Ms. Mili Thomas (Supervisor-  grades 9 & 10) carried out the role of the moderator  for the event with panache. The results witnessed the best team from the Primary  comprising of  Ms. Shaza  Akhtar and Shireen Joji . The best speaker against the motion was Ms. Shireen Joji while the speaker for the motion was Ms. Hajira Nazar. The two top scorers of the debate session were Ms. Shireen Joji and Ms. Zainab Hossain who shall represent the school  at the inaugural edition of the Madam Mariamma  Varkey  Commemorative Debate for Teachers as participants.

The debate was truly a thought -provoking forum -a collaborative platform for exchange of ideas and divergent views whilst upholding it’s true essence of ‘ I think therefore I am’.


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