Conference on Wellness

31 Jan 2022

The two-day conference on wellness hosted by The Millennium School, Dubai had participation from many schools including OOB, with 8 of our students enthusiastically taking part in their session, workshops, and round squares. Our students took part in the round square discussions on various themes such as kindness, self-belief, communication, thoughts are not facts, motivation, attitude and mindset, multiple perspectives, and creativity & innovation. Our students contributed wellness pointers for the journal, a 15sec wellness video displaying initiatives from OOB, actively learning sign language, time management, happiness quotient and many more from the key speakers and intellects spread over the two days of the conclave. With a 360-degree wellness attitude at OOB, our boys contributed and participated throughout the conclave. The conclave truly proved to be an invigorating one.

The Round square discussion were student led and it encouraged participants to contribute and collaborate with each other. Our boys had a thorough research done to present their pointers. Their workshop on sign language and happiness factor was a hit among many. Our students thoroughly enjoyed and it was keen learning experience for them. 


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