Green innovation


17 June 2021

In celebration of World Environment Day, OOB Primary hosted a student-led e-exhibition ‘Green Innovation Challenge’ on 17th June 2021; where the best of the students’ ‘SMART’ green innovation projects that could help shape a greener future were showcased. The event gave an opportunity to learn new skills through engaging STEAM based challenge.

The challenge was based on the following parameters:
Improvise an existing innovation or invent an eco-friendly gadget/device/service
Analyze the potential harm that the proposed project could do to the mother earth, if it weren’t eco-friendly
Describe the green innovation – Strategies implemented to make it earth friendly and how people will be encouraged to adapt to the innovation

The winners from each grade were entitled as the department’s ‘Sustainability – Student Ambassador’.
Grade 1 - Balatharun Kirubashankar (1E)
Grade 2 - Muhammad Rayan Syed Ali (2C)
Grade 3 - Jishnu Sundarapandian (3E)
Grade 4 – Kayden D’Souza (4I) 


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