GenG Video Conferences 2021-22

29 April 2021

Participant Schools

1. Our Own English High School Sharjah Boys’ 
2. Prepa Tec Ciudad de México Campus, Mexico City


On 29th April 2021, the students of Our Own Boys, Sharjah and PrepaTec Campus, Mexico connected via videoconferencing to discuss the burning issue of Climate Change and how the youth of today perceive this concern. It was exciting to note how students from two distant parts of the world catered to similar thoughts during the 60-minute discussion. As students from Sharjah spoke about the unsupportive nature of corporates, increasing consumerism, and how the different governments were effectively battling the problem, the Mexican students reflected on the various problems they have been facing which included frequent water shortages, rising pollution, and inadequate policies to battle the issues of global warming. 

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