28 Oct 2021

Our Own English High School Sharjah, Boys’ participated in the INNOTECH  2021- DIGITAL FEST -to invent a new tomorrow – A competition to celebrate learning using digital tools.

This year's theme was, "To invent the new tomorrow."

Each project category focused on a sustainable development goal and the competition was based around the theme to encourage creativity and tangible solutions through technology for a new dawn.

The names of winners/ categories and the teachers in –charge.

Category Winners Grade  Events  Teacher in charge  Position 
 Primary  Nabhya Sharma    4  Digital poster  Ms Anjana   1st 
 Junior Category  Abhiram Sunitha Binu  7  AR/ VR – video making  Ms Annamma Lucy    2nd 
 Junior Category  Sree hari , Syed Rayhan Ali, Kailasnath  8  Innovation Challenge  Ms Nathasha  2nd 
 Senior category  Mohamed Hanif  12  Programming  Ms Smitha Somarajan  2nd 
 Senior category  Jayden Vaz  11  Photo magic  Mr Ehtisham  2nd 

Congratulations to all the winners and their mentors who have worked for the success of this event . 


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