13 Nov 2021

To celebrate the International Day of Tolerance and to uphold the values of the UAE, students of the Innovation Committee - Primary School of JSSPS organized Montage 2021 on 13th November 2021. It was an initiative to bring together students from different communities to celebrate the remarkable journey of the nation over the past 50 years and inspire the youth to have their vision about the next 50 years.

Competitions were outlined to enhance leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, and develop communication & collaboration skills of students, as well as to provide a platform for students to gain knowledge of the UN Sustainable Development goals while learning about the UAE.

Ehaan Waheed of 3H having participated in the event, Tell-A-Tale through 60 seconds advertisement was declared the winner – ‘Best Visual Effects Category’. The presentation was based on theme - UAE in the next 50 years. 


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