Abel Makil

Sports Captain

Abel Makil has a proven ability to improve working environments and he stands as the epitome of commitment. He has been a part of the prefectorial board of OOB for the past 4 years and presently serves as the Sports Captain. His strong interpersonal skills have come into play whilst he stood as the debutant school executive in the leadership committee at an event conducted by the reputed institution NIT Calicut. Furthermore, he is an integral part of the schools’ athletic team, and has taken part in various inter and intra school athletic events wherein he had demonstrated fine sportsmanship both within and outside the sports field. He is a passionate public speaker and orator. He also takes a keen interest in theatre and has been a part of the school concert for the past two years and participates in several plays outside the school as well. As a part of the OOB family for the past 9 years, he wishes to bring out the best in the student community utilizing his distinctive leadership.

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