Harshal Bini

Assistant Head Boy

Serving 5 illustrious years in the prefectorial board, Harshal Bini has shown exceptional devotion to his responsibilities as an approachable and successful student leader. He strongly believes in the power of a voice and actively employs it to speak up for those who are yet to find theirs and as a result, has established himself as a public speaking connoisseur.  As the ex-secretary of the debating society, he has proved his proficiency in articulating his stance through deliberation and collaboration, displaying such abilities as tact, discipline and focus. His individual skills are also concocted with his vision for the future as a global citizen, being aware of the causes that truly matter. As such, he recognizes the plight of the thousands of marginalized and underprivileged communities. With this in mind, his academic strides echo his fierce commitment towards becoming a doctor that lends a helping hand to society. 

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