Student & Parent Testimonials

Our Community Endorses a Happy Happening OOB


"It is not only bricks and mortars that make up a school, it is the learning that makes a school great.

Learning takes place not only in the form of science, mathematics or social studies but also in interactions that students have with each other and the teacher, whether  on the playground, science lab or even the corridors. A school is a place where students truly 'enjoy' learning and Our Own English High School Sharjah Boys' stands true to this statement, for it is where students are moulded from boys to men."

Ahsan Nayaz
Head boy


Our Own English High School Sharjah Boys’ isn’t just any school, it’s a family-

A family that really knows how to push you into discovering every facet of yourself. Our faculty understands how to support a student and understand their difficulties because there has never been an instance in my journey, when I’ve felt like I can’t count on them. Our active, loving and ambitious culture is the driving force and guiding light that pushes me to do better everyday."

Aryan Krishnan
Student President-Council



"The finest facilities accompanied by an ever-enthusiastic faculty at Our Own English High School Sharjah Boys’, make sure that every OOBite excel in diverse fields of interest. Be it the life inside the classroom to the life outside the classroom, every day is a new day to explore and experience for an OOBite. The facilities and proficiency exhibited by the students of OOB in every possible field is a testimonial to why OOB is also the school of first choice in Sharjah’."

Shravan Sankaranarayanan 
Sports Captain


Sijin Antony, Parent of Grade 3 Student

"OOB is the ideal learning hub moulding the leadership qualities of the young learner".

Suparna Singhal, Parent of Grade 3 Student

"The learning environment at OOB abounds with creativity ,zest  and enthusiasm- an apt training ground for citizens of tomorrow"

Rins Ramadas ,Parent of Grade 1 Student

"At OOB, we are proud that the child is trained to achieve the highest benchmark set,be it in academics or co curricular activities"

Deepthi Das ,Parent of Grade 3 Student

"OOB is a testimony of how the school can go a long way in instilling responsibility and dedication in a child"

Bindu Babu ,Parent of Grade 4 Student

"The positive learning environment has created the right attitude towards academics ,Kudos to the team of amazing educators!"