Activities in Conjunction with Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival


OOB was proud to host an author session with Ms. Meera Nair, an award-winning writer based in New York, USA on 25th April, 2018. 

Students of Grade 11 attended her workshop on ‘How to Write a Scene in Fiction.’ A writer creates a story out of scenes. In the workshop students were taught to create this vital, essential building block of fiction.

Pictures and illustrations are what brings many a book alive for little children. And if they can learn to illustrate themselves, it surely would provide them with a great way to exercise their imagination. It was precisely this skill that was catered to when Ms. Paula Metcalfe the first illustrator-in-residence at the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, England, visited OOB on 26 April 2018.

Ms. Metcalf held an interactive workshop which consisted of a story time reading of her new book ‘Dog in Boots’ followed by guiding students to illustrate one of the scenes in it. Students of Grade 4 worked enthusiastically bringing out their creativity in impressive ways.

Apart from these, budding writers from the secondary and senior sections were taken to Expo Center, Sharjah to attend the poetry workshop – Weaving a Poem – hosted by renowned Philippine  poet, Michael M. Coroza. Students were taken through various aspects of writing a poem with the help of activities and examples, making them realise the superiority of poetry over other art forms