Anti-Bullying Week

“Take a stand, lend a hand”

In accordance to the Ministry of Education Campaign on anti-bullying, GEMS Our Own English High School, Boys Branch participated in the anti-bullying week from 18November till 22 November 2018 with a series of activities that included: 

  • Spreading awareness on anti-bullying and school policy on bullying during assemblies
  • “Speak Up” boxes were set up in supervisors room, to provide students opportunities to voice out concerns
  • The Anti-Bullying committee members had a meeting to discuss ideas and ways to make OOB a bully-free zone.
  • An Anti-bullying parade was held across the school making it clear that the school is a no-bullying zone and everyone has an important role in making it happen.
  • Parents were re-informed about the bylaws and how it’s going to impact their ward’s marks.
  • The fact that Our Own Boys has ZERO tolerance towards bullying was reiterated by a loud and clear message that was announced to the whole school during this week.
  • The Head of Child Protection & Safeguarding – Mr. Faizal and the Deputy attended a training workshop on the new crisis management process for Child Safeguarding conducted by GEMS corporate and ideas and discussions were shared around improving policies and procedures. The Wadeema Law was also discussed and deliberated upon apart from other useful points
  • A skit on anti-bullying was displayed by our middle school students in the classrooms showing the impact bullying had on little minds and what should be done about it.
  • Teachers (Grade 1 to Grade 12) generated discussions in the classrooms around: 

o   What is bullying? What are the types of bullying?

o   Places where bullying is most likely to happen

o   The impact of bulling

o   What to do when bullying happens

o   School process and procedures to tackle bullying

o   Anti-Bullying Committee members