Coffee Morning


“Don’t stop until you’re proud!”

A workshop for the parents of ‘Our Determined Ones’ was conducted on 15th May 2018 by the Special Education Department of our school. The workshop commenced with a surprise fire drill for the parents. This was followed by a session in the Parents Waiting Area where the Principal addressed the gathering introducing the Inclusion team and speaking about the inclusion policy of the school.

The inclusion team then briefed parents about the three I’s, the UAE national policy, the wave pattern and the procedures regarding the same. The parents participated in a highly interactive group discussion and activity where they demonstrated learning strategies presented during the workshop. Various behavior strategies were also discussed and handouts were provided. In addition to this, IEPs were individually considered and parental input and feedback on the same were incorporated.

The workshop concluded with the Headmistress Designate’s closing remarks in which she thanked parents for being engaged and involved and reminded them to keep communication channels always open.