Creating Future Ready Students

By Student Reporter Kevin Lauren Abraham- Grade X

It was with great honor and a privilege for OOB to have Sean Bala, an adventurer in life and its affiliates of choices, enlighten the boys to be creatively different. Mr.Bala focused on the term ‘education’ as no mere word or processing of facts that was to be gathered in a classroom rather it should drive you to question, reason and bring about curiosity. He had also interactively instilled in the minds of our young men the need of an array of choices to be who they saw themselves as. Not only did Mr.Bala encourage the boys to run that extra mile for what they truly desired but he questioned modern education and how it limited our creativity to either law, medicine or engineering while there are so many other fields one would love to explore . The talk was a very active,engaging and open minded with an interesting question and answer session. Mr.Bala had concluded with a very motivating statement, that the final number on a report card was not the only road to your destiny and no one is a just a number. The boys were endowed with more positivity and confidence in selecting their stream as it drew closer.