Fraternal Solidarity

Saudi National Day

The Saudi National Day was celebrated with gusto and gaiety on 23 September, 2018 at OOB, Sharjah. The visitors to the school were greeted to the sight of the Saudi Flag displayed at the Reception,  In honour of the event, the Saudi  National Anthem was sung . The Moral Education period on Sunday(23/9/18) across the school  was transformed to knowing more about UAE’s biggest neighbour – Saudi Arabia.A plethora of  related activities were conducted for the students to highlight the deep bond of friendship shared by the  twin regional economic powerhouses. Speech by Mohammed Adnan of Grade XII through the Public Address system highlighted how the two nations have forged an alliance of economic prosperity, striving relentlessly for the happiness and welfare of the people. Indeed the day marked the shared history and closeness the two nations share as rightfully summed through the  # Always_ Together.