Generation Global Hindi Video Conference


A group of 10 students of Grade 11 participated in a Hindi Video Conference held on the 4th of October, 2018 on the topic ‘The Power of Narrative’. This was the first time that the OOB students got an opportunity to participate in a Hindi/Urdu conference. The participating school was HSS Boniyar School, Jammu & Kashmir, India. Ms. Talat Khurshid, facilitated the VC and Mr. Sanjay Bareja provided the   technical help. The facilitator began the conversation by asking the students to list 3 things that shaped narratives. The students got an opportunity to exchange varied views that opened their eyes to a fresh new perspective. One representative from each school reflected on their learnings from the day’s conversation. They learnt how the same event impacted different people differently. The conference helped the students gain a wider insight to different perspectives.