Generation Global Video Conference


Topic- Wealth, Charity & Poverty- 27thSept18 , (15+ Yr Old)

Participating schools –

1)      Our Own English High School, Sharjah Boys’

2)      Indraprastha International School, Dwarka- India

3)      Bloomfield Hall School, Lahore-Pakistan

 The Video conference began with a warm welcome by the facilitator Mr. Neil Phillipson. The participating schools then introduced themselves. Students shared their views on ‘interior wealth and exterior wealth'. For some students, spiritual wealth was more important than materialistic wealth while a few students stressed that charity cannot happen without material wealth. The discussion became more interesting when one of the students remarked that imparting education was also a form of charity.

The next point of discussion was ‘Empathy' – Manas of OOB said, "Charity starts with empathy" & his opinion created a rich exchange of dialogues. It was wonderful to see students exchanging dialogues in a respectful manner & sharing their personal thoughts and experiences. Towards the end of the VC, the students reflected upon their learning from the whole discussion.