Giving back to the Alma Mater

By Student Reporter Vighnesh Prasad

OOB is an institution that is proud of the scholars that it has churned out. Students who have truly worked hard towards achieving their goals, stopping at absolutely nothing. But such a feat cannot be accomplished if not for inspirations from various areas. And OOB caters to this by allowing it’s alumni to speak to the students on various occasions.

25th June 2018, witnessed a fruitful panel discussion consisting of OOB’s brightest alumni, Nikhil, Sanjay, Harshith, and Azwar in connection with School Science week activities. The session was attended by the science students of the senior department and the teachers. The discussion helped in informing the students of the various strategies towards acing the examinations along with information on unique integrated courses under Engineering.

Azwar spoke about the obvious paradigm shift when he left OOB to study in IIT, Kharagpur. Having attained a perfect 100 in Chemistry in the 2016 CBSE Boards, he went on to advise the students about the importance of hard work and shared strategies, materials and other information pertaining to the same.

Harshith talked about the Computer Science Engineering course that he pursues in NIT. Stating the various disciplines that the course demands, the ex-President of Student Council mentioned the unique career options the course offers.

Sanjay conveyed about the Electronics and Communications Engineering course that he studies in NIT, Calicut. Having made his mark as the Voice of Our Own 2017, he talked about experiences in the institute he studies in and how it is different from school life. He had also put forward the career options and the required disciplines of the course.

Ex-Head boy Nikhil shared his views on the Mechanical Engineering course and how it is a complete variation of the basic demarcations of the Engineering stream. Stating that it requires in-depth knowledge of multiple disciplines, he spoke about career options and interesting facts related to them.

The discussion concluded with the alumni members sharing their opinion on how school life and college life varies greatly. This particular section of the discussion was the icing on the cake as it was a smooth segue from advice and facts to opinions and sharing of moments.

We are indeed very grateful for this session and hope to witness such inspiring and interesting sessions in the future.