In Conversation With Lilly Singh

By Student Reporters Vignesh (12C) and Aryan(11B)

7th November 2018 will go down in the history books of OOB as one of the most iconic days of the school. On this day, the one and only Lilly Singh aka Superwoman, graced OOB with her presence.

In the latest addition to the school's "In Conversation With" segments, the content connoisseur was interviewed by Aryan Krishnan (11B) and Vighnesh Prasad (12C), on matters ranging from her YouTube career and success to her UNICEF endeavors and even feminism. The interview segued smoothly into the book signing, where a plethora of fans were blessed with a golden opportunity to meet her. 

Glimpses of her experience have been put up on YouTube, in her vlogging channel, SuperwomanVlogs.

Apart from OOB being absolutely starstruck by the whole experience, we were all thoroughly inspired by her raw perspective on life and success, her journey from humble beginnings, and her absolutely witty approach to convey her message. 

OOB will indeed take to her inspiring book and strive towards becoming Bawses, ready to conquer life with confidence and willpower.