Inauguration of Chess Club



'We learn little from victory, but more from defeat.

The game of chess holds a unique fascination. The strategic complexities offer lively minds an immediate challenge and stimulating exercise. OOB having realized the many educational benefits offered by the game of chess, giving children intellectual capital and transferable skills such as focus, discipline, concentration, spatial awareness and strategic thinking; proudly inaugurated 'The Chess Club' on 3rd of October, 2018.

The club was inaugurated by the youngest member, along with the Principal & CEO Mr.Srivalsan Murugan, the Head Mistress Designate Mrs.Sindhu P.Nair, and the supervisors of various departments. After the opening ceremony, Principal appointed Pratyush Shah as the president, Surindernath Sivakumar as secretary, Lehenshah and Sriram as coordinators of the Chess Club. Mrs. Namrata Rajput, the teacher in charge of this student lead club, and the Principal & CEO Mr. Srivalsan Murugan, spoke at the event, wherein they briefed how the club aims to bring the children together, breaking down barriers, whilst at the same time encouraging a healthy sense of competitiveness.

Later during the event, Sriram made a strong debut for the club, proving his bit of skill, against the teachers Mr. Joepaul and Mr Ramakrishna.

Pratyush Shah addressed the members to close the ceremony, giving a cue to his fellow mates that ‘Chess is 99% Tactics and demands total concentration.'

 Mission and Vision

'The Chess Club' of Our Own English High School, Sharjah recognizes the game as a stimulating exercise, for the strategic complexities it has got to offer to the young and lively minds.

Perhaps of greater importance is the fact that young chess players become more confident, have enhanced self-esteem and are more able to organize their thinking and behavior thereby achieving the school's vision of young generations emerging from the campus as good role models, better human beings and the best among scholars.