Food For Thought At OOB – Sharjah


Our Own English High School, Sharjah, Boys’ Branch had the esteemed opportunity to invite India’s youngest star chef, Saransh Goila to its premises on 25th April, 2016. A Delhi born foodie, he quickly rose to prominence in the Indian culinary field due to his vibrant, on-camera personality and his unique take on contemporary Indian cuisine.

On his visit to the campus, he was on stage, taking questions with aplomb and teaching the students his favorite recipe, chocolate Golgappas. The students were enthralled by his showmanship and aroma of what was cooking on stage. To select a lucky few to come up and taste his recipe, he asked the audience questions as to how they would GO CREATIVE with his dish, as well as the ingredients of other dishes in India. He exhorted the students to follow their dreams, no matter how hard they may seem, ignore the naysayers and always seize all of life’s opportunities. He was an amazing source of encouragement to the little ones and their parents from the Primary department who had prepared various delicacies as part of ‘Health is Wealth Week’ celebrations. The session concluded with a portrait of Mr. Saransh being presented to him by Aniruddh, followed by a book signing session.

This magical morning is certainly something the Our Own Students and Staff would not forget. His heart felt message, vibrant charms and delicious recipe would remain imprinted in our memories for a long time.