Skyline College University Sports Festival


School pride was high from 9th to 17th of November, as our cricket, football, basketball and table tennis (all under 19) teams played at the Skyline University Tournament. 

When excited pupils of ours piled onto the field, the OOB cricket team was determined to defend their title; finally emerging as winners of the tournament defeating DPS Sharjah by a considerable margin, bagging the trophy for the third year!

The team of basketball were keeping up their steady progression beating NIMS Sharjah in the semi-finals, but lost to Philadelphia school in the finals and declared the runners-up.

The stakes were high and the desire to win was like a palpable fog in the air as our team of table tennis played their third conjunctive final against GMA, Dubai. However, the latter had a sudden victory in a closely contested game.

OOB thus proved itself as a formidable force to reckon with in the arena of inter –school sports competitions.