Synergy 2018, was hosted by the Senior Middle Department on 21November 2018. With a range of listed activities such as Instrumental Music, Solo songs, Group songs and Group dances, the event was a real treat. The stage was set for the energetic performance of the live wires and the audience seemed to be in a vibrant and exuberant mood.

As part of the Parental Engagement Week, parents were invited to judge the show. Ms. Sindhu Pradeesh, an exponent of Indian classical dance and a dance teacher in Indian High School, Dubai and Ms.Rajani Sunil Parekkel, who is currently working in New Delhi Private School, Sharjah and Music Instructor at Harmony Music and Dance Institute, were the parent judges who graced the occasion. This time the boys were encouraged to sing as a band and they demonstrated a mind blowing performance with an assortment of pleasing and melodious numbers. Coordination, synchronization and elegant moves were at its best amongst the dancers. The peppy songs lifted the vigour of the thrilled souls with claps and taps.

The event ended with the special performance of the instrumentalists. ‘Chenda’, the traditional drums of Kerala played by Sreehari was the highlight of the day. The show got wide acclamation from the audience and parents of the student participants. The day was a blend of fun, creativity and novelty.