Annamma Lucy Bags the Prestigious Mariamma Varkey Award


October 3rd 2019 is a moment that will go down in the history of OOB.  Ms. Annamma Lucy bagged the Prestigious Mariamma Varkey Award for Inspirational and Outstanding Teaching at GEMS for Early & Primary years. 

Compassionate, competent and confident – embodying these values is a challenge that obstructs even the best of us. But the overcoming of them is what allows the best of us to light the way for others. Mrs. Annamma Lucy is truly a beacon in such a case. She is the paradigm of knowledgeable, open-minded and unrelenting in her pursuit of perfection. In the years she has worked with this institution, she has brought to life many ideas. She has connected minds, opened doors and livened the learning of all her students using the emirate and the city around her as her teacher.

She is a teacher who demonstrates instructional expertise, creativity and innovation in her classroom; who makes learning engaging, vibrant and relevant for students; and her work and accomplishments set a benchmark for all teachers. Through her achievements, she paves a road for her students to follow in her footsteps and reach a goal of their own. She has many qualities that endear her to the parent community. She believes that the parents are the giants on whose shoulders we all stand, and keeping a good rapport with them is the base for a successful professional life.

The OOB fraternity wishes Ms. Annamma Lucy success in all her endeavours.