Date: 16-5-19

Day: Thursday

Dept.: Arabic & Islamic Department

Venue: Sheikh Zayed MPH

Teachers In charge: Ms. Samira & Team


It was narrated that Zayd ibn Khaalid al-Juhani said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “Whoever gives Iftar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the reward of the fasting person in the slightest.”

With the start of Ramadan, feasts and invitations of Iftar increase. OOB also invites staff, parents & students for Iftar. This beautiful tradition enables OOB community to get closer and revitalizes the feelings of helping one another and of generosity, as well.

It was a great evening this year too. The Iftar program begun with the recitation form the Holy Quran & Hadeeth. The Prefects & senior students spoke on the importance of Ramadan & fasting, ‘Dos & Don’ts’ while fasting, SEWA & Ramadan, Tolerance & H.H Sheikh Zayed. A melodies Nasheed was presented by the school choir. Ms. Samira (Supervisor Arabic & Islamic Dept.) said a beautiful Dua’a followed by Maghrib Azan & then Salatul Jamah by the students.

The staff & guests had their food in the canteen. It was wonderful to see everyone involved & taking care of each other despite of religions, nationalities & cultures. The program concluded by vote of thanks.

A special bus was also provided to & from Muwailah (old OOB campus) due to long distance. It helped students & staff to reach on time.

The entire program went smoothly & appreciated by parents & SMT.