In Conversation

In Conversation with Dr. Jonathan Kennedy

The 'In Conversation With Dr. Jonathan Kennedy' event unfolded on November 9th at 12 noon. Hosted by OOB’s Drama and Literary Club, the session featured our esteemed Principal & CEO Mr. Srivalsan Murugan, Vice Principal Ms. Sindhu P Nair, and other revered heads, supervisors, teachers and students. Dr. Kennedy, a distinguished scholar in politics and public health at Queen Mary University of London, shared insights from his acclaimed works, including 'Pathogenesis,' 'Chronicles of Elysium,' and 'Whispers of the Cosmos.' The event offered a captivating exploration of infectious diseases, creating a bridge between literature and academia.

His insights have ignited critical and creative thinking, inspiring both faculty and students alike. Dr. Kennedy's generous sharing of knowledge envisioned a ripple effect of inspiration and education. From sharing his debut book's inspiration and revealing his literary role model to explaining the metaphorical use of plagues in depicting civilizations, Dr. Kennedy provided fascinating insights. His genuine reaction to his book's success in becoming a top seller, coupled with reflections on childhood dreams and the honor of being a professor, created a captivating dialogue. As the audience eagerly leaned in, Dr. Kennedy offered a tantalizing glimpse into future literary endeavors, leaving everyone eager for more of his profound storytelling.

Samford and Sreehari's engaging interview has made this edition of 'In Conversation With' truly memorable.  Special thanks to the talented Arjun Menon for capturing Dr. Kennedy's essence through art so beautifully!

In the culmination of an enlightening 'In Conversation With' session, Dr. Jonathan Kennedy's expertise in medicine, literature, and politics has left an indelible mark on our collective intellect.  May the echoes of this literary encounter resonate, fostering a continued spirit of curiosity and enlightenment among us all.


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