Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where is the school located?

    You will find Our Own English High School (Boys’) spaciously located in Juwaiza, Sharjah.

  • What facilities are available at school?

    The facilities provided in the school are in par with international schools. The school has large classrooms for the kindergarten, primary and the senior students. It boasts of a huge library overlooking the sandy dunes, music and dance rooms, artificial grass soccer field.

  • What languages are offered at OOB?

    English is the main language of instruction. In addition, the school offers Arabic, French, Hindi, Urdu and Malayalam.

  • Can we pay the tuition fees online?

    School has provided each parent with a user name and password for Online Fee payments.

    Tuition fee payment can be made online through www.gems.ae – GEMS Parent Portal.

    Through the GEMS Connect App, parents can now access student information, track bus location, pay fees, view circulars, newsletters, timetable, assessment reports and track attendance, submit leave requests.

  • Do you provide transport to and from school?

    Yes, transport will be provided to and from the school. Our support staff our bus guardians will ensure the safety and care of students, and also maintain discipline.

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