Student Care and Support

In the corporate world of today, there is no place for mediocrity. Excellence is the only tool for forging ahead in life. Our primary aim, as educationists should be to fuel the students’ thirst for knowledge and thereby create socially adept and morally upright individuals worthy to be addressed as global citizens. This is exactly what OOB has been achieving year after year, where change is the only constant, where the GEMS Core values are smoothly blended into their daily routine and where innovation and excellence is not the exception but the rule. OOB’s rapid progress has been phenomenal and its vibrant success over the years must be attributed to the indomitable will and strength of purpose prevalent in every member of its team. The school’s inclusive policy envelopes parents, teachers and students in a firm bond.

All students may approach any member of staff to express their needs and concerns. The staff provide adequate guidance and support based on the need. 

  • The school has a full-time counsellor who can be approached for guidance on attitudes, aptitude and career choices.
  • The Special Educators and Counsellor meet the additional educational needs of our special students. 
  • Support for students with special needs is very high on the agenda of the school. The SEND department has a detailed step by step process that extends continuous support to students who are differently abled. Student-led classrooms encourage more abled students.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in competitions – individual, team, internal, external – encouraging the more abled and talented students and ensuring they are given an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents.
  • Academically gifted students are identified through tests/exams and supported with extension work and projects, challenge programmes, independent research assignments and coaching for Olympiads, competitions, ASSET talent search programme and the like. They are assigned leadership and/or other responsibilities that would help them build on their strengths.

The Counsellor provides career guidance to senior students, parents and staff.  The school hosts a Career Fair annually for the secondary and senior students which serves to broaden their career choices and gives them exposure to a wide range of universities and courses in the UAE and abroad.