Extra-curricular activities

Developing skills in new ways

Education is a multi-faceted process. We understand that for children to become exceptional adults, holistic education is required. Students are encouraged to participate in various extra-curricular activities extending beyond the rigid realm of the classroom, encompassing art and culture, science and sports.

The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including:

  • Creative Artist Club
  • Chess Club
  • Dance Club
  • Debate Club
  • Drama & Literary Club
  • Eco Club
  • Film Club
  • Inquizitive Club
  • Innovators' Club
  • Photography Club
  • Rhapsody Music Club
  • Science Club
  • SEWA Club

The school conducts regular events on an inter-school and inter-house level. Some of the competitions are on elocution, debating, recitation, dramatics, quiz, essay writing, yoga and music.

Physical Education

A host of co-curricular activities contribute to making school life an enjoyable experience. The school offers a well-balanced and graded programme of physical education, which inculcates a sense of team spirit and healthy competition among the pupils. Coaching is provided in a variety of games including Football, Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Track and Field to meet the challenges at the intra-school and inter-school events.

Creative and Performing Arts

Through Creative Arts courses, students are encouraged to explore their creative talents and find ways of creative expression through a variety of mediums that include clay, fabrics, paper and paints.

Music and the performing arts, including public speaking, also play an integral role in helping students explore new and creative ways of expression.


The school hosts a variety of events and activities each year organised with the help of students, in which parents may also participate and attend. The school holds an annual performance which provides opportunities for students to gain confidence and develop their presentation skills. The students also organise exhibitions, where students showcase project work.

Look Who’s Answering Quiz

The Look Who’s Answering Quiz  was initiated in 2000, and is one of the unique features of the school. The main objective of the programme is to instill a general awareness among the student community vis-à-vis science, literature, technology and current affairs, outside the realm of the formal syllabus and to promote their quizzing ability.

It is well-structured and categorized into five groups. The preliminary round ensures that every child from Grade I to 8 participates, followed by subsequent elimination through monthly written quiz tests. The grand finale witnesses forty finalists from the five groups.

The programme also involves the Teachers’ and Parents’ Quiz, further strengthening the GEMS parent-student-teacher partnership.

Eco Club

The Eco Club creates awareness about environmental issues and creates an interest in studying and researching areas relating to the environment. Celebration of ‘The Earth Day’, Can and Paper Recycling Campaigns, Eco Poster Painting Competitions, Eco Quiz and Clean Up Campaigns are some of the activities of the Eco Club.

Field Trips

In order to complement classroom teaching with real life experience, students undertake field trips on a regular basis. Visits to museums, factories and wildlife centres all form part of a structured programme of tours and trips where pupils get an opportunity to balance theory with practice. A number of additional excursions, including picnics are also part of the planned curriculum.

Inter-School Competitions

The school regularly conducts and participates in many Inter-School Cultural Activities. Adequate training is provided to help children compete with knowledge, skill and expertise.

Our Own Sharjah Inter School Soccer Tournament

The School hosts and organises the acclaimed 'Our Own Inter-School Soccer Tournament' held annually in the month of October. The prestigious Our Own English High School rolling trophy is presented to the winning school annually.

Charity Events

Charity events are hosted periodically to raise funds for charities, namely Red Crescent Society. The events, organized and hosted by our students are a valuable way for our students to learn responsibility, creativity and team work, while providing opportunities to learn the importance of aiding others in need.