Ace Scholar Badges


“If you are persistent you will get it, but if you are consistent you will keep it”                                   

The Student Council takes great pride in its initiative to honour those who have attained academic excellence with an Ace Scholar Badge. However, the very few that managed to maintain this distinction for three years are presented with the “Triple Ace Scholar” badge and for those who achieved this for six consecutive semesters, the coveted “Six Ace Scholar” badge is given. On the 9th of December the proud achievers from the Senior and Senior Middle Department were presented with their respective awards, encouraging them to attain even greater heights.

Nishant Parag Soni, 12 D and Shimon Shibu , 12 F are the proud recipients of the Ace Scholar Badges for 6 times consecutively from Gr 9 to Gr 12. This is indeed a noteworthy achievement for these students and their teachers.