Brain O’ Bee competition 2019

By Student reporters - Sai Sankeerth Sabanis (12C) & Deepam Damu Naik (12A)

Date – 23rd April 2019

Time – 8 am to 2 pm

Location – Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai campus

Teacher Accompanied – Shuhail Sir

17  students  from our school headed to Brain O’ Bee competition, 250 students from 13 other schools also took part. There were 2 rounds, A preliminary MCQ test from which top 8 students were selected for the Podium round. Out of 8 students, 3 were from our school. These top 8 students battled head to head answering question on the main stage. Siddique Adil  (10E) secured 2nd place, Sai Sankeerth Sabanis (12C) secured 5th and Ammar Rashid(10D) secured 6th.

On behalf of the Science Club, Alex Moby (11B) conducted a seminar for the participants to help them brush up on their skills. He provided useful insights into common questions, extra facts and evaluation. Having won 2nd place in the previous edition, his tips were helpful for the students and led to great results.

Ms. Geetha.K  (HOD of Science) led the session and played an instrumental role in the outcome of the competition. This win has added yet another feather in OOB’s and the Science Club’s hat.