The 6th Inter Junior School Fest, was conducted by GEMS OUR OWN INDIAN SCHOOL on the 7th February, 2018. Thirty three students from our school from grades 1-5 participated in various categories competing with other schools across Dubai and Sharjah.

The students had an enriching experience as they participated in various competitions like Colour Splash- Artistic Expression, Cadence- Choral Recitation English, Celestial- Qira’at Recitation, Cryptic and Curieuse- Boggles, Chorale- Choral Recitation Arabic, Cudos to Numbers- Sudoku and Cast a spell- Spell bee.

The event began with the inauguration ceremony followed by a speech by the principal, Lalitha Suresh. The judges of different competitions were renowned people from various streams.

The first event was Chorale- Choral Recitation Arabic, which was held in the quadrangle followed by the Cadence- Choral Recitation English. The individual events were simultaneously held in various sections of grade 4.

Kudos to our young and dynamic students who showcased their talent and emerged as winners in the following categories-

  1. Cast a spell- Spell bee ( Second place )
  2. Cadence- Choral Recitation English ( Third place )

The event ended with a grand prize distribution ceremony. The winners were felicitated with trophies.

It was a good learning experience for the OOBITES. They returned enriched with knowledge and feedback from the experts.