Prefect Investiture Ceremony


‘’Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them.”

                                                                                                        -  John C. Maxwell

OOB is indeed proud to be a student-led school. With leadership initiatives all over the school, opportunities abound for students to display their skills in this field. With students at the forefront, our school has attained great heights and we strive to continue on the same path.

3rd May, 2018 witnessed the Investiture Ceremony for the year 2018-19, wherein the leaders who were chosen to lead at various levels, were pledged to their duties and invested with their respective designations. The event was graced with the presence of The Principal, Headmistress Designate, Acting Head of Senior School, Supervisors, teachers, students of the senior section and proud parents of the student leaders.

Amaan Iqbal Ibrahim was sworn in as the Headboy of the school, Lenoah Chacko as the President of The Student Council, and Niel Lobo as the Sports Captain of the school. Ahsan Nayaz, Aryan Krishnan and Shravan Shankar were sworn in as their respective deputies.

The Captains and Vice-Captains for the houses are –

JUPITER – Aditya Santhosh and Georgy Saiju

MARS – Mohamed Adnan and Vyshak Achary

NEPTUNE – Paul Reji and Manav Prakash

SATURN – Ojus Kishore and Saahil Aneez

The ceremony also witnessed the investiture of the prefects of the respective houses and the members of The Student Council.

After having read out the oath for all the student leaders for the entire duration of the ceremony, The Principal went on to address the gathering on the constitution of true leaders. He congratulated the newly invested student leaders and spoke of the pros of challenging the status quo and preserving a sense of humor.

Amaan Iqbal Ibrahim proceeded to officially address the gathering as a Head boy. His speech appealed to the gathering, as he seamlessly delivered his piece with power and humor touching upon his journey to reach this coveted post. Lenoah Chacko proposed the Vote of Thanks in a rejuvenated way expressing his gratitude to one and all.

This solemn ceremony has once again reiterated the core values required in a leader and also of the fact that students are in fact the leaders of tomorrow.