Gulf Debates


The Gulf Debates took place in Jumeirah College on Friday 23 November, 2018. Three teams from our school participated in the Junior Category and one in the Senior. The one-day event had the participation of 36 schools.

After three rounds of (1impromptu & 2 Prepared) debates there was a decisive power round. The aggregate score fixes them in 4 divisions viz; Cup, Plate, Bowl and Shield. Three teams from our school entered the semi finals. Our senior team entered the finals in the Plate Division and won the second Prize. Team A in the Junior Category, lost in the semi finals. They received a trophy for the third place in the Bowl Division. Team B lost in the semi finals and Team C could make it only up to quarter final.

The day-long debate event was indeed an edifying experience for our debaters. They gave a tough time to the opponents - most of who are from the international curricula or native English speakers. Though deadbeat, after a long tiring day, all returned with spirits and heads high with the satisfaction of having done their best and learnt newer strategies of debating.



           Team A

  1.      Akshai
  2.      Om Gupta
  3.      Farzeen
  4.      Karan
  5.      Ayan


Team B

  1.      Adithya
  2.      Pratyush
  3.      Harshal
  4.      Kairav
  5.      Gideon

 Team C

  1.      Nithin
  2.      Harsh
  3.      Ishan
  4.      Mrudul
  5.      Om Arun



            Team A

  1.      Aryan Krishnan
  2.      Soham Chawda
  3.      Mohammed Numan
  4.      Ahsan Nayaz