Global Research Immersion Programme

Report by Om Gupta

Along with my teammate Rohan Gulati, a Grade 10 student from Gems Modern Academy, I travelled to Singapore to present my Global Research Immersion Programme (GRIP) project on the topic, “Heat in the UAE” to professors from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) along with 5 other teams (4 from UAE, 2 from India). The project was based on the ‘Design Thinking’ process and we would be evaluated on all the steps we had taken during the project such as identifying the problem and also on our final prototype i.e the solution which included an event organising app called the “Socialiser” which provided incentives to families in the UAE to organise social events.

We arrived in Singapore on 24th June and on the same day, we had a brief city tour visiting iconic landmarks such as the Merlion and the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

Next morning, we went on a tour of the NUS campus, in particular, the School of Computing, which had state of the art facilities. After the tour, we went to the island of Sentosa where we had a lot of fun activities such as luge riding and light shows like the ‘Wings of Time’.

Next day was the first mock presentation to the faculty from NUS, who was Dr. Tan Wee Kek, senior lecturer at the School of Computing, NUS. He provided us with a lot of useful feedback on our prototype which we had to modify to present to him on the final day.

The day after that was the mock presentation to the faculty from NUS, who was Dr. Lisa Winstanley, assistant professor at the School of Art, Design, and Media, NTU. She focussed more on the visual aspects of our presentation and also on the ‘Design Thinking’ aspect of our project. She also provided lots of useful feedback which we had to incorporate into our presentation.

Finally, we had the actual presentation on which we would be graded the next day where both Dr. Tan and Dr. Lisa were present to evaluate us. Their evaluation will be sent to us in the form of a Letter of Evaluation in about a month’s time. Done with our presentations, the rest of the time was spent in relaxing and cooling off after the intense presentations by visiting places like Universal Studios and the Night Safari in Singapore.