Ms. Sapna

Ms.Sapna Menghani

Supervisor - Grades 1-4

Yet another groomed discoveries from among the our own ranks, Sapna has been a proud and much-celebrated ‘outstanding’ (for four years) middle school Teacher of English, with over 10 years of experience. She has been with the GEMS group since 2013 and has been the GEMS Teacher of the Year, 2016.

Balancing between her own two-year-old and scores of children of her own department, Sapna is sure to bring a smile to any kid, with her magnetic powers of story-telling and creative pedagogical strategies for any colleague who goes to her for advice.

A nominee of The Mariamma Varkey Award, Sapna’s contributions to the annual concerts and the ‘Look Who’s Answering’ quiz have been remarkable. She believes, ‘children are not a thing to be molded but to be unfolded.’

As Assistant PLD Leader of the school, Sapna has conducted various in-house and TELLAL PLD workshops for teachers across the board.