Sandhya Nair

Student Counsellor and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead(DDSL)

Ms. Sandhya joined Our Own Sharjah Boy’s in 2022 as a Student Counsellor & Deputy safeguarding Lead. She is a post graduate in Psychological Counselling. She comes with a total experience of 7 years from different educational institutions in India.

She has been part of few programmes like Early Intervention programme on Special education, curriculum planning, cognitive assessments and vocational guidance. She was part of Young buzz, for career development of students. She works collaboratively to support the mental health needs of all staff and students. She advocates for comprehensive development and guidance programmes. She serves as an advocate for all the students in boosting their morale and fosters a nurturing school environment.

Ms. Sandhya assures the wellbeing of all the students, parents and the school staff, apart from maintaining and promoting the integrity of the school counselling programme.