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Global Citizenship Workshop Ignites Dialogue at OOB

14 May 2024

On 14th May 2024, OOB hosted a workshop on Global Citizenship, which was a resounding success. The event aimed to promote dialogue and understanding among students about global issues and their roles as global citizens.

The workshop featured Ms. Aishwariya Chauhan, the South Asia Partnerships Coordinator at Generation Global, as the guest speaker. Ms. Chauhan delivered a series of engaging discussions and shared invaluable insights on the importance of dialogue in cultivating global citizenship. 

Ms. Shruti Sharma, Head of Partnerships and Communications at Generation Global, also attended the event.

In addition to OOBites, the workshop was attended by teacher in-charges and student leaders from neighbouring schools. This diverse participation added depth and perspective to the discussions, making the event more interactive and enriching.


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