Mirav Padmesh Prajapat

Head Boy

Mirav Padmesh Prajapat, the Head Boy of the school, possesses a remarkable blend of ambition and dynamism and abides by the adage, ‘Rome wasn't built in a day’. He has actively participated in the Prefectorial Board and various clubs, deftly striking a balance between his academic pursuits, athletic endeavours, leadership responsibilities, and extra-curricular engagements. Mirav is known for his genuine, straightforward and on-point approach, making him a trustworthy and reliable leader. He harbours a profound ardour for Mathematics, Physics and History and derives great pleasure from engaging in erudite discourses about these subjects. His wit and unique outlook on life render him an eminently admirable individual. Mirav staunchly believes that the hallmark of great leadership is to redefine the position rather than to be defined by it.