Assistant Headboy

Samford Sebin

Assistant Head Boy

A fervent elocutionist, a passionate debater, and a remarkable leader, Samford Sebin encompasses an enormous array of skills and abilities that often surpasses several expectations. He often personifies the statement, ‘Be the author of your own story; never let anyone else hold the pen’, as he believes that stories are written, not made overnight. Samford’s extraordinary performance is closely aligned with his view of trying new things, pushing his boundaries, and reaching goals that once seemed impossible. This all-rounder is an enthusiastic public speaker, a commendable performer, a stunning singer and a great leader. As the recipient of the Prestigious Sharjah Excellence Award, Samford strives to ignite the hidden potential within the student community by aiding in their pursuit towards excellence. With this pivotal post, he aspires to bring forth lasting impacts that enhance student life and the school’s environment. His remarkable portfolio and optimistic personality illuminates what OOB truly stands for; a happy happening school.