Family Art

International day for families

15 May 2024

OOB Kindergarten embraced the essence of family with a joyous celebration of ‘International Day of Families’ on 15 May 2024. This special day aimed to strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories for students and their loved ones. The excitement was palpable as 28 families arrived, eager to participate in a variety of activities designed to foster creativity, teamwork, and more importantly the family bonding. 

The art and craft area buzzed with activity as families collaborated on crafting unique family trees and portraits. Students and their parents proudly illustrated their family lineages, sharing stories and anecdotes about their loved ones. The playground transformed into a vibrant sports arena. Parents and children teamed up for fun-filled races, relays, and collaborative games. Cheers erupted from the sidelines as families supported each other, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition.

The celebration was a resounding success as the families shared experiences and laughter. It was a beautiful reminder of the invaluable role families play in shaping and nurturing the lives of our children.


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