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Prefectorial Board Meeting

23 May 2024

On May 23, 2024, the newly elected Prefectorial board held their first official meeting in the auditorium, marking the start of a new chapter. The Assistant Headboy, Samford Sebin, warmly welcomed everyone and emphasized teamwork and effective leadership, setting a positive, collaborative tone for the event.

Mr. Faizal, the Head of the Section, stepped up to the podium to articulate the expectations for the Prefectorial Board at OOB. He meticulously outlined the roles and responsibilities of the board members, stressing the significance of their positions in upholding school discipline and cultivating a positive school atmosphere.

The Principal then addressed the audience by commending the newly elected prefectorial board members on their appointments. The Principal spoke on the importance of the school’s vision and mission, and why it is essential to revisit these statements. This reflection ensures that the school’s objectives remain relevant and inspiring for both students and staff.

Following this, the current office bearers seized the moment to unveil their plans and initiatives for the academic year. Each member elaborated on their specific roles and responsibilities, underscoring the objectives they intended to accomplish during their term. Their proposals demonstrated a carefully considered strategy aimed at improving the school's environment and fostering academic excellence.

A significant part of the event was dedicated to revisiting the school’s vision and mission statements. Ms. Jessy and Ms. Sofi led this discussion, utilizing Mentimeter to gather key words from the four houses and student council members. Based on these inputs, students collaborated to draft new statements, ensuring that the vision and mission align with the current aspirations of the school community.

Former leaders shared heartfelt wishes with the new board, motivating them to lead with diligence and integrity. Mohammed Ayyan, the Student Council Secretary, thanked the Principal, former leaders, and captains, for their guidance and support, urging collaboration toward shared goals.
The meeting ended positively, fostering unity and commitment among new prefects. It marked the start of their journey, reinforcing the school's dedication to nurturing responsible, visionary leaders for the future.


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