Our Own ‘Net Zero Heroes’

The UAE Ministry of Education, in collaboration with UNICEF, invited applications for the ‘Net Zero Hero’ programme during COP 28. From over 300 applications, four remarkable individuals from our school stood out: Adithya Anush (9E), Hamad Aamir Baig (7E), Aditya Rajesh (9G) and Amarnath Sreevalsan (8E). These outstanding young minds were recognized as Net Zero Heroes for their dedicated actions in fighting climate change.

These students underwent comprehensive training sessions aimed at empowering them and fostering a deep understanding of sustainability. These sessions delved into global initiatives combating climate change, highlighting UAE's climate action journey and the pivotal roles of Vision 2030, Urban Plan 2040 and Net Zero 2050 in shaping a sustainable future.

COY18 (Conference of Youth 18) marked an unprecedented milestone as the first-ever Global COP simulation held in Dubai at Expo City. Jointly organized by Save the Children and UNICEF, this simulation engaged youth aged 12 to 18, allowing them to assume various roles within the COP process and conduct their negotiations, akin to a Model UN. Her Excellency Shamma Al Mazrui, the Youth Climate Champion, inaugurated COY18, where Adithya Anush represented the Arab states, presenting the concerted efforts of the Arab nations in combating climate change.

Hamad excelled by securing the 1st place in The Big Green Lesson Environmental Sustainability Quizzes, a testament to his dedication during the training sessions.

Within the Net Zero Heroes COP Simulation, Amarnath earned a well-deserved position as a panelist for a profound panel discussion on climate change. His contribution shed light on the impactful steps he has taken to raise awareness and actively combat climate change.

These individuals exemplify dedication, knowledge and proactive steps in addressing the urgent global issue of climate change, setting an inspiring example for their peers and the wider community.


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