Young Minds, Big Solutions: GEMS Global Innovation Challenge Tackles Sustainability

The 7th edition of the GEMS Global Innovation Challenge (GIC) was a global celebration of student-driven innovation that took place concurrently with COP28. GEMS students from across the globe harnessed the power of technology to craft visionary solutions for pressing global issues, aligning their efforts with the themes of the landmark climate conference.

This year, young minds focused on developing groundbreaking innovations that contributed to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Their ideas promised positive change for our planet and its people, showcasing the potential of youthful ingenuity to address today's most pressing challenges.

75 students from our school participated in 17 categories winning 2 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze. The gold winners will attend one day Boot Camp conducted by industry experts, which will cover a range of topics and skills training to help teams to effectively present their ideas and garner support . 

GIC Junior Team List
 S.No Name of the team's project winners Name of the representative teachers category of submission Nos Names
 1 SAMATHWA  GOLD Ms. RASHEEDA BUDANKHAN Education (SDG 1, 4, 8)  4  Ayaan Ayoosh-11 ; Muhammad Zaeem Mujavar-12; Syed Fayyaz Ali- 11;Pradeep Masilamani-11 
 2 Hydrobloom   GOLD Ms. SMITHA RAGESH  Agriculture and Water(SDG 6, 13)  3  Vivan 12, Felix 13, Nu Aym 13
 3 Traffic Flow Divider  SILVER Ms. RASHEEDA BUDANKHAN  Life on Land and below  (SDG 11, 14, 15) 1
Mohammed Farhan 
 4 Learn Together  SILVER Ms. SMITHA RAGESH  Equity (SDG 1,5, 10 ) 4 Ethan Benny-13; Arjun Satish-13; Karthik Kumar-13; Mohamed Naveed-13
 5  IonX  SILVER Ms. SMITHA RAGESH  Energy  (SDG  7)  3  Sharan Sathvik 13;Brahmadath Binu 13; Sidharth Suraj 13
 6 FOOD PRINT  SILVER Ms. SMITHA RAGESH  Food  (SDG 2, 12)  Vysakh Chellatton 13; Nahul Sanjeevi 13
 7 OccupAlert  SILVER Ms. SMITHA RAGESH  Partnership and Innovation (SDG 9,17)  4  Bilal Biju 13;Kailas Sudheesh 13;Anish Jena 14;Ahamad Fayyad Anees 13;


GIC Senior Team Winners

S.No Name of the team's project winners Name of the representative teachers category of submission Nos Names
1 Empower shield  SILVER Ms. SUNITHA SUDHAKARAN Gender Equality and Accountability  (SDG 5,10 16) 4 Anantha krishna 15;Mahadev sateesh babu 15; Krrish shibu 15;Darsh Tomar 15
2 NourishNow
BRONZE Ms. SUNITHA SUDHAKARAN Equity (SDG 1,5, 10 ) 4 Aryan Akshaykumar Shah16 ;  Aarav Krishna-16 ; Abdul Swareeh Suneer 16; Shrehari Siva 16 

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