5 Dec 2023

On 5 December 2023, Team OOB participated in  an array of events under SCOPE 2023, hosted by GEMS Legacy School, Dubai. The interschool event celebrated the  Year of Sustainability. The School delegation garnered accolades in a variety of segments which included Green Shorts (Sub – Junior Category)wherein the team comprising of Mohammad Sadiq( 5 G),Ayan Saleel( 5 H),Hrishabh Sudheesh(5 G) clinched the First Runners up position. Parth Chawda 11C & Ashwel Rodrigues (11 A) acted as mentors. Under the segment Green Shorts( Junior) the team comprising of Rahaan Justin James( 8 G), Elano Sam Jollgin( 8 G),Zuhair Sarfaraj Parkar( 8 G) secured the Second Runners Up position. For the segment, Design the Line( Senior) the team comprising of Isaac Bryan(11 D), Ibrahim Suhail (11 B), Satvik Sujith(11 A),Ayaan Katmale (11 C), Madhav Anil(11 C) and George Benny(11 E) secured the Second Runners up position. The members of the SCOPE delegation from the school comprising of Rahul Saini(11 A),Mirav Prajapat( 11 B), Ibrahim Muhammed(11 C) clinched the First Runners Up position . Shrivardhan Sanil (8E) won the Runner-up prize, in the Green Canvas, Junior category, which was held online. Hearty congratulations to the participants and their mentors!

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