31 Jan 2024

In a mesmerizing display of mathematical prowess, the renowned ‘Walking Human Computer,’ Mr. Basavaraj Umrani, astounded the audience at the Sheikh Zayed Multipurpose Hall on January 31st, as he took center stage. Hailed for his exceptional ability to perform intricate calculations at lightning speed, Mr. Umrani's visit turned the school into a hub of excitement and curiosity.

In a remarkable demonstration, Mr. Umrani requested a Math teacher to think of a 3-digit number and write its multiplication table while simultaneously accurately determining the weekdays of various audience members' birthdays, including the Principal, Vice-Principal, teachers, and students.  Continuing his demonstration, Mr. Umrani showcased his extensive knowledge by reciting the multiplication table of 931 in reverse and straight order, up to 1000, before effortlessly answering a variety of complex mathematical questions from the audience.  Further astonishing the audience, Mr. Umrani displayed his precision by accurately stating the time to the exact minute and challenged a math teacher to write any 30 digits, flawlessly reciting them in both left-to-right and right-to-left order.  The event showcased not only his extraordinary numerical talents but also his captivating ability to engage and inspire students through the fascinating world of mathematics.

In addition to impressive performances, Mr. Umrani shared quick mathematical tricks and concluded his presentation by advising students to prioritize early morning activities, including yoga and mental exercises, while cautioning against excessive mobile phone use and video watching to maintain focus on their studies.  As the audience marveled at his feats, it became clear that Mr. Umrani's visit was not just a mathematical spectacle but a source of inspiration for students to explore the limitless possibilities.

Mr. Basavaraj Umrani's visit left an indelible mark on the school community, showcasing not only the marvel of his mathematical prowess but also providing valuable insights and advice to the students. The event was not just a demonstration of numerical brilliance but a reminder of the boundless potential within each student's grasp. As the echoes of his astounding calculations lingered in the air, Mr. Umrani's message of discipline, mental exercise, and a mindful approach to technology resonated, leaving the audience inspired and enlightened.

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