The KenKen International Championship 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce the commendable achievements of our school at the KenKen International Championship 2023. Two of our exceptional students, Aditya Rajesh from 9G and Advay Sumith from 3B have distinguished themselves by securing positions within the top 10 ranks at the Grand Finale. Their exemplary performance not only reflects positively on our institution but has also resulted in the school receiving an appreciation certificate for its commendable representation.

Aditya Rajesh and Advay Sumith, both renowned for their exceptional abilities, have showcased outstanding skills in the realm of competitive mathematics. Their unwavering dedication and passion for problem-solving have garnered national recognition, underscoring their significant contributions.

In acknowledgement of our students' praiseworthy accomplishments and the school's dedication to fostering mathematical talent, we are privileged to announce that OOB has been bestowed with an appreciation certificate by the organizers of the KenKen International Championship 2023.


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