Generation global

Generation Global: Empowering Minds

08 June 2023

The first-Generation Global Video Conference for the academic year (2023-24) was held on 8th June on the topic, ’Education’. Under the guidance of facilitator, Ms. Wadi Wardani from Indonesia, participating schools from Armenia and India, along with students from OOB, came together for this global exchange.
During the conference, students first shared their opinions about education and the education systems in their countries, engaging in discussions on topics such as human rights, learning knowledge skills, values, and curriculum. Throughout the video conference, their enthusiasm, curiosity, and respect shone through as they confidently articulated their thoughts, fostering a rich and engaging dialogue.

Following these initial discussions, a question and answer session allowed students to clarify their queries, share their insights, and gain an enriching experience. This interactive session further strengthened their understanding and encouraged a more profound connection among the participants.
The conference, with a focus on education, served as the ideal platform for exploring the vital role of education in fostering global citizenship.


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