Generation Global Photo Contest Winners from OOB!

Against the backdrop of a fiercely competitive pool comprising entries from 14 diverse countries, Shiva Srinivasan (11B) and Ashwin S.K. (8B) distinguished themselves as the triumphant winners of the Generation Global 'The World at Your Fingertips' Photo Contest. Their victory shines brightly in a field that saw an overwhelming submission of over 250 entries, each reflecting the unique perspectives of young individuals worldwide.

Ashwin's painting delves into the global environmental crisis, beckoning for immediate attention. Through his art, he emphasises that awareness and action lie within our reach. His portrayal visually communicates the urgency of addressing climate change, sending a powerful message that the world's challenges are before us and compelling us to act with urgency and responsibility to safeguard our oceans.

On the other hand, Shiva's photograph captures the essence of a profound connection between a seasoned mentor and an eager, bright-eyed junior learner. The image portrays the two figures walking hand in hand, with the echoes of shared stories and lessons resonating. Beyond the mere depiction of a mentor-mentee bond, Shiva's photo speaks volumes about the spirit of mentorship. It goes beyond academic boundaries, illustrating a journey of knowledge that fosters a connection transcending the limits of a school corridor. 


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